Grand Teton National Park

May 29, 2006 to June 1, 2006


After two days on the road (stopping in Hays, Kansas and Rock City, Wyoming) we arrived at Jackson Hole and the Grand Teton National Park. I would be hard pressed to decide which is more beautiful - Grand Teton or Yosemite. We spent three nights there, and here are some of the pictures we took. Click on any one of them for a larger version.

This is a panorama of Moulton's Barn. Moulton was a Morman who received a land grant around 1900 with several other Mormans. The road that this barn is on is still called Mormon Row. This is a composite of three pictures I took and stitched together.

This is also Moulton's Barn, shot at sunrise.
Oxbow Bend at dawn. This is a favorite place in the fall because the Aspen leaves turn color. Also, moose have been known to frequent the area. We saw one with her calf, but they hid in the grass and never came out.

The city park in Jackson Hole has four entrances, one at each corner of the park. Each one is the same as you see in this picture - arched by Elk horns.

It is illegal to pick up Elk horns. Each year, the Boy Scouts are allowed to pick them up in the Elk refuge and then sell them at auction.

It was very cold in the mornings, usually around 23 degrees F. Here, you can see the steam coming off the bodies of several Bison.

By the way, Buffalo is not a proper term for these animals. One of the first observers thought they looked similar to water buffalo, and so he called them Buffalo. The proper term is American Bison.

Another barn, near Mormon's Row.

This is the exact spot that Ansel Adams shot his very famous black and white picture of the Grand Teton. You could tell those that were familiar with his work by the way they would walk around the site and stop and take the picture at the right place.

You cannot get it exactly as he did because the trees have grown so much since the 1940's, that you can't see the bend in the river like he showed.

A link to Ansel Adams' famous photo is here.

I really shouldn't have taken as many pictures of Bison as I did. I did not realize how many we would see in Yellowstone National Park in the next few days.

The only moose we got more than a glimpse of was this guy, a yearlng buck (do you call them bucks?). It is not as dangerous for me as it might appear. First, you could tell that he was totally disinterested in me by the way he kept chomping leaves. Next, I was behind a tree and about 20 feet from the car.


Since my original post, I have been told by a friend in Colorado that a male moose is called a bull, a female is a cow. I should have known that from "Bullwinkle". Duh !!!

You have to be familiar with Bev Doolittle's work to appreciate this picture. We were driving to Yellowstone from Grand Teton and I saw this right after crossing a bridge. I screached on the brakes and walked back to take this picture.


See what my inspiration was (if the link is still good). Her print is called "Season of the Eagle"

See picture here.

There are two major lakes in Grand Teton NP. One is Jenny Lake, and this one is Jackson Lake. Jackson Lake is much larger than Jenny Lake.
This is the Chapel of the Transfiguration (Episcopal) in Grand Teton NP. There are two churches, this one and a Catholic one. This should inspire anyone to go to church.


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