Cody, Wyoming

June 4, 2006 - June 5, 2006

Our friends talked us in to going to Cody for a couple of days, mainly to go to the Buffalo Bill museum. As it turns out, this museum (actually 4 museums in one) is totally awesome. It has 4 sections:

1. Gun museum. This is, by far, the most complete gun collection that I have ever seen ... rooms and rooms full. Perfect condition guns from the earliest matchlocks to modern day guns. I got information overload at that section and had to leave.

2. Plains Indians museum. This also was incredible. Clothing, bows and arrows, robes, war implements, etc. etc. I have a couple of pictures below.

3. Buffalo Bill museum. He was a colorful character. A lot of memorabilia from his early scout days, his Wild West Show, Annie Oakley stuff, etc.

4. Natural history museum. Skulls, videos, etc. of ancient and modern animals.


We also went driving to see the countryside, ate a fantastic steak with good entertainment at Cassie's (which used to be a bordello), and went to the nightly local rodeo, which included a 5 year old bull rider and a 5 year old barrel racer.

Here are a few pictures. Click on them for a larger version.

This is called Sleeping Indian or Sleeping Giant. I personally feel that you have to be smoking some illegal cigarettes to get the full appreciation of this illusion.
Of a more practical nature, every year an image of a horse appears in the snow. Local tradition has it that you should not fish in the streams until the rein of the horse starts to melt. It has something to do with the level of the water in the streams.
This is a Lakota Sioux shirt from around 1870.
This is a war shirt of an Upper Missouri tribe from 1835. Notice the painting of human figures on the shoulder and horse prints on the sleeve. The human figures represent enemies he killed in battle, and the horse prints count the number of horses he stole from the enemy.
Sitting Bull's tomahawk.

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