Pam, Vaughan and Suzanne Counts, and I visited Wales from August 21st to August 23rd, 2004. Two days were not even close to being enough time to visit this beautiful country. But, we had plans to go to Ireland, so that was the amount of time we allocated for Wales. The first night we spent in Llanrhaeder-ym-Mochnant and the second night, we stayed in Conwy (a medieval walled city).

Below are a few pictures I took from Wales. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.


Straining Tower at Lake Vyrnwy
Church Door
Pam at waterfall at Llanrhaeder

Sheep grazing off road

Conwy Castle
Conwy Wall
Conwy Castle
Conwy Castle
Church in Conwy


The only Welsh I learned was

Cymru am Byth

(Wales Forever!)

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