Willson's Weather Station

My weather station is a Vantage Pro Weather Station from Davis Instruments. It is mounted by tripod on the roof of my house, away from trees and high enough so that heat rising from the roof will not affect the temperature guage. Data from the weather station is wirelessly transmitted to a console in my house, which in turn, is connected to my computer via cable. The batteries in the weather station that allows transmission are recharged via a small solar panel.

The software in my computer that creates the webpage data and uploads to my website and Weather Underground is WeatherLink 5.4. I have modified the code that is produced to include the other stuff on the webpage, such as links to other sites, the world map, moon cycle, etc.

I went online with the weather station in July, 2003. If you have any questions, please sign my guestbook and ask.


Gary Willson

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