San Miguel de Allende


On Wednesday, Pam and I walked around town, essentially to get a feel of San Miguel. Here are a few pictures.


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Although this was the rainy season, the weather treated us very kindly. It usually rained in late afternoon or at night. During the day, it was mostly sunny to partly cloudy.
This is La Parroquia, the main cathederal in San Miguel and at the center of town. It was built in 1683.
Progress has taken a toll on the quaintness of San Miguel. Cars and telephone wires are found on and above every street. However, it is still a nice town to visit.

This is a photo of the same street (Montes de Oca) in the same spot, taken in 1942

We stayed at the Pablo Suites (also known as Los Pablos). Our room was very nice and we had a great view of La Parroguia.
We also had a very nice view of the Templo De La Concepción, which is where Tommaso and Ana got married.
The hotel next to ours had some really nice gardens, which ours did not have. Nobody was making use of them the entire time we were there, so we did. Here, Pam is reading ........
... while my life is in peril in another part of the garden.
Another part of the garden, next door.
The foyer to our hotel. Nothing special, but kinda interesting. The name, Los Pablos, is because they have pictures of famous Pablos and Paul's on the wall (Casals, Newman, Pope J. Paul, etc.)
On Thursday, we went to a natural spa, La Gruta, outside of San Miguel. It has very, very warm water and several pools to swim in. There is a tunnel that takes you to a large cavern where a big stream of spa water spews out from a hole in the wall. People take turns getting under the stream. It's almost like getting a massage.
After the swim, we had margaritas in the shade. As a matter of fact, it seems that the first 8 words anywhere we went were "Dos margaritas con hielo y sal, por favor" Shortly thereafter, we ordered fajitas. Just as they came, it was time for Pam's massage, so I was left to eat the whole thing. It was so dry that, well, I had to order another margarita.
Another picture of La Parroquia with the Jardín Principal in front.
Two men talking, sitting next to a beggar woman.



The view from our window. For a closeup, click on the picture.


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