The Reception

The reception was held at Hacienda Las Trancas, a beautiful hacienda dating back to 1709. It once incorporated about 1/2 million acres. Tommaso's brother-in-law, Nicola, who is from Tuscany, Italy told me that the Hacienda is something you might expect to see in Europe in a palace or castle.

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The wedding party stayed there for the week prior to the wedding. I visited one of the bedrooms and found them to be posh and close to 1/2 the size of our home.

We were treated to a delicious dinner, buffet style. I didn't recognize any of the names of the dishes, but they were all great. We were also given some gifts. Two bands played and a return of the Mariachis. At the end of the evening, we watched a fireworks demonstration.

Below are a few pictures from the reception. We weren't familiar with some of the traditions, but it was fun !

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Guest Book Table at the Entrance
Rice thrown as they enter the Hacienda

We were given a lot of gifts while we were in San Miguel. Please click on the picture to see each one.

While waiting for everyone to arrive before serving supper, we visited and drank margaritas
Supper was a buffet under a canopy
I don't know what the food was, but it was delicious !
The first of 3 bands played for us during supper
After supper, Tommaso and Ana danced
Then, people started pinning money on the bride and groom for the honor of dancing with them
Ana's Mom
However, with so much tequila being served, some people got confused
in both genders
And then, there were some traditions that we did not understand (but enjoyed anyway)
There were also traditions that we did know, like the garter toss
and the bouquet toss
and the cake eating
Then, there was El Son de la Negra........
........ drinking ........
........ and visiting with family and friends

And, finally, to top it off

An Incredible fireworks display !