The wedding took place on Friday, August 22, 2008 at El Templo De La Concepción in San Miguel. It was built in 1755, and the dome was completed in 1891.

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The inside of the church is absolutely beautiful, and as in most Mexican churches, the side altar features the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The following are pictures from the actual ceremony.

El Padre
Tommaso and his Mom
Nicola and Giulia


I guess they got married. It was all in Spanish
Conjeturo que consiguieron casados. Estaba todo en español

Sr. y Sra. Tommaso De Poi

Sig. e Sig.ra Tommaso De Poi


La Callejoneada

(Street procession from El Templo to the Jardín Principal with Mariachis and a Tequila Burro)


After reaching the Jardín Principal and La Parroquia, it was time for more tequila and pictures


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