Pictures of us on our trip to Wales and Ireland


I had originally thought I would take a lot of pictures of the natives, but, with one exception, I decided that it would be too intrusive to ask them to pose for a photo. So, this page primarily shows us on the trip.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.


Two Irish men at Clifdon. I thought the guy on the left was the stereotypical old Irish man.
Gary and Pam at Conwy Castle, Conwy Wales
Vaughan and Suzanne at a pub in Limerick, with King John's Castle and the River Shannon in the background
Pam at Blarney Castle
Pam at Conwy Castle
Pam in the gardens at Lismore Castle
Vaughan at his namesake restaurant in Kilfenora
Vaughan (with his Guinness) and Suzanne at one of the many pubs we visited.
Dinner at an Italian restaurant in Kilkenny
Pam in an alley
Suzanne in Kilkenny
Gary and Pam in a pub

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