The main draw to Orvieto is the magnificent duomo (cathedral) that has an interesting origin. In the 1260's, a bohemian priest - who doubted that the bread used in communion was really the body of Christ - went to Rome on a pilgrimage. On his return journey, he worshiped in Bolsena, near Orvieto. During Mass, the bread bled, staining a linen cloth. The cloth was brought to the pope, who was visiting Orvieto at the time. Such a miraculous relic required a magnificent church. You can view the acutal cloth from the Miracle of Bolsena in the chapel to the left of the altar.

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The town of Orvieto as we approached it. It is interesting to see that all of the medieval towns were built on top of hills, apparently for protection from invaders.
Pam at the front entrance to L'Elmo agriturismo. The farm has large orchards of Hazelnut trees. The main house (pictured) was built in 1773.
A medieval town that we passed on the way to Orvieto.
A window in Orvieto.
Another window
an interesting door.
An attempt of an artistic display I made in our room by setting our wine jug and grapes on the sill of a patched up window.
Pam standing in the doorway of one of the outbuildings at L'Elmo.
A side street in Orvieto
Pam entering an alley in Orvieto
The Duomo from the town's clock tower
Some of the detail work on the front of the church

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