Gubbio - Urbino

The agriturismo near Gubbio, Casa Branca, didn't seem to be a working farm at all. But, it was out in the country. Gubbio, although Medieval, was not very interesting, so we drove to Urbino and that was well worth the trip. There is a national art gallery there that had some really fine works of art.

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Another view of Urbino
Pam looking out window at the national gallery in Urbino
Vines on the wall at the agriturismo
An archway in Gubbio
A window at the national gallery in Urbino
Pam taking communion at the church in Urbino
A building in Urbino
Pillars at the inner courtyard of the National Gallery.
Our agriturismo in Gubbio was the only place we stayed that had access to an English TV station. CNN international was giving good coverage of Hurricane Rita. We were very concerned for our house and dog, and was glad to see our Mayor White of Houston being interviewed.
Our bedroom at Casa Branca
Dining room at Casa Branca
Filled dipping oil bottle. I bought some olive oil, garlic, arbol chiles, and some bottles. Then, I filled them with those ingredients plus some rosemary sprigs that we grow in our patio.
Dipping oil label. Dipping oil contained olive oil, arbol chile, garlic cloves, and rosemary sprigs


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