The Moose Butt Chili Powder




Any photographer will tell you that at least 90% of the pictures he/she takes is garbage. It may be a bad exposure, not the right depth of field, uninteresting, camera shake, or any number of things.

Mostly, it is just an uninteresting shot. It seemed good at the time, but once looked at, it's a throwaway.

That was the case with this moose I saw in Grand Teton. He would not face me - period. There were a couple more photographers trying to get his picture too. He just kept walking away from us, slowly. We walked after him, hoping he would at least half way turn around. After awhile, however, I figured he was leading us into some kind of ambush, so I shot the picture, mostly in frustration, and left. Sure enough, it was a butt shot - a certain throwaway.

Shortly after I got home, I started making chili powder from a recipe I found on the internet. That night, I had a dream. I found a way to use this throwaway shot and name the chili at the same time. At first, Pam was appauled, but warmed up to the idea after a while.


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