San Antonio


We love the San Antonio Riverwalk. Touristy? Yeah. Do locals go there? Nah. But still, it is a beautiful place, lined with shops and restaurants, and fun to just walk around there. It was developed from a natural horseshoe bend in the San Antonio River, and has been a focal point of tourism for 5 or so decades. We usually stay at the Drury Inn, which opens up right on the Riverwalk.


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The oldest restaurant on the Riverwalk is Casa Rio Tex-Mex Restaurant, which opened in 1946. They serve acceptale Tex-Mex meals, and it is fun to eat right there on the river with the ducks and pigeons pestering you to feed them tostadas.

During the Christmas season, the whole Riverwalk is decorated in hundreds of thousands of Christmas Lights. Here is a shot of Casa Rio Restaurant from the same location as the picture above.


The Plaza of the Alamo is also decorated with a Christmas tree during the season.


The grounds of the Alamo are awesome. Very Spanish in architecture, with a sense of history around every corner.


Just walking down each side of the river provokes a calmness during the early morning hours.


More Riverwalk



There are tons of restaurants along the Riverwalk. Here is one called "The Republic of Texas"

Next to the Riverwalk is La Villita, which was the original settlements of San Antonio. It is now mostly shops, but there is also an old church there. While we were there, a wedding took place, and afterwards, there were Mariachis and two dancers in the street. They continued to have a callejoneada with the wedding guests following the couple and the Mariachis.


We had our own Mariachis (for $10) at Pico de Gallo Restaurant. It is near El Mercado and not far from the Riverwalk. Pico de Gallo is owned by the same people as Mi Tierra's, but this is where the locals go. (That is my wife, Pam (right) and her sister, Tami (left) in the booth.

If you want to lose weight, do NOT go to the Riverwalk. Here is my wife, Pam (left) and her sister, Tami (right) helping themselves to the order of nachos that I ordered at Casa Rio Restaurant. I was blessed to keep my Margarita (lower right) from their grubby hands.

I like to try to do artsy stuff in post processing, so here is an attempt from a shot on the Riverwalk.