Lake Louise & Lake Moraine


Alberta, Canada


Lake Moraine. We were more impressed with Lake Morane than we were with Lake Louise. Although crowded, it was not nearly as crowded as Lake Louise was. The color of the water here is pretty accurate. I have not enhanced the photo for the color. From what I understand, rock is pulverized into tiny pieces and drained into the lake. These pieces are suspended in the water and called Rock Flour. Only the blue and green hues are refracted from the light, and so the lake takes on a turquoise appearance.


Lake Louise is also very pretty and has the suspended rock flour, giving it a turquoise look. However, there are far too many people that visit the lake for our liking. This picture was taken in the garden area of the Chateau Lake Louise, mostly to hide the masses of people.


Along the highways, wildflowers grow and each turnoff gives a chance to get close to them. This is a stand of Indian Paintbrushes, just like the ones we have in Texas.


Some flowers are planted though. These are poppies growing at Paradise Bungalows at Lake Louise.


Our cabin at Paradise Bungalows in Lake Louise. A great and fun place to stay if you don't think about the $325 CDN ($300 U.S.) they charge for each night.