Of the three towns that we stayed at in Alberta, we liked Jasper the best. Banff is primarily a shopping city with hordes of people. Lake Louise isn't really a town, but there are lots of people there too. Jasper is small, fewer people, has lots of countryside to see, but has enough there to get whatever supplies you need.


This is Spirit Island on Lake Maligne. You have to take a boat tour to get to it, but it's well worth it.


This is Pam at the base of Mt. Edith Cavell. Edith Cavell was a British nurse that helped the wounded Allies in World War I. She was executed by a German firing squad for her activities. With such close ties to England, the Canadians named this mountain after her, although she never saw it.

More wildflowers at a highway turnoff and a turquoise lake in the background.

Waterfalls are as numerous as the mountains. Here, we are hiking Maligne Canyon.
An unnamed waterfall by the side of the road.