Actually, we didn't see many animals at all. Our GPS tourguide kept telling us to watch out for elk, bear, etc. at many places on the road, but they never showed up. However, here are the few we did see. They weren't skiddish at all, which is normal for animals in a wildlife refuge.

Female elk


Mountain Goat. They come to the edge of the highway to lick on needed vitamins.


Bighorn Sheep


Bighorn Sheep


Chipmunk with an "attitude"


Mr. Chipmunk was so brazen, he came up to Pam and put his paw on her leg, wanting her to feed him.

The Canadians are far ahead of us in caring for the environment and wildlife. Here is one of three overpasses that we saw that were built especially for wildlife (bears, elk, etc.). It has grass on top and allows them to cross the highway without getting hit by cars or trucks. Each one cost about $1 million. They also have tall fences on each side of the highway to keep them off. Every hotel room has a blue garbage can with instructions to put recyclables it it.