July 14, 2007 - July 16, 2007


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We were very lucky to have the plane make a pass around Venice and on our side of the airplane. Click on the picture and you can clearly see the Grand Canal and San Marco Cathedral . Click here to see locations of places.
No cars are allowed in Venice, so walking and water taxis are the only way around. There are hundreds of bridges to span the many canals.
When I saw my first gondola, I clicked pictures like mad. But I soon realized that they are all over the place.
The Rialto Bridge is the most famous bridge in Venice. It spans the Grand Canal and was built in the early 16th century.
Our hotel was the Locanda Ca' Le Vele and we were a short block from the Grand Canal stop of Ca D'Oro. We were greeted by this complimentary wine from our travel agent and good friends, Trips2Italy.
This is the Ca D'Oro, a residence that was built in 1428. It was next to our Water Taxi stop.
This is the Basilica Di San Marco. It is probably the most famous place in Venice.
I had never had Clam Pasta before, but now, it is one of my favorite foods. The food in Venice was wonderful. I don't recall a meal that wasn't excellent.
My plate was Lasagna and I can truthfully say that it was the best lasagna that I have ever had (except for the lasagna that my friend, Tommaso made me once) . The restaurant we happened by and walked in was La Feluca Restaurante.
All of the wine we tasted was very good. However, the real "find" was this wine shop that sells out of a keg into your own plastic water bottle.
Here, the shop proprietor is filling our 1.5 liter water bottle with Pinot Nero wine. The cost was 1.96 € per liter. So, our cost in U.S. dollars for 1.5 liters was $4.11 ($2.05 for 750ml). The wine was very good.
This is the patio area for our pensione, Locanda Ca' Le Vele.
This was our room at the pensione, Laconda Ca' Le Vele. Notice that the chandelier is Murano Glass.
Another gondola traversing a canal.
I just thought I'd have a little fun in the Photoshop "darkroom". (See picture below for original)
We took the boat over to the island of Murano, famous for making glass. This was in one of the shops (Venice is in the background). I had to sneak the shot because pictures are not allowed.
For only 1 € ($1.40), you can buy some corn at the square at the Basilica and have the pigeons fall in love with you.
A typical facade in Murano
A gondola on the Grand Canal
On our drive to Lake Como, we took some back roads and stopped at a flea market. This vendor was very nice to us. She even showed us pictures of her and her family on their trip to Egypt

On our way to Lake Como, we went through Verona Italy. In the center of town, there is an old Roman Coliseum, built in the first century A.D. under the rule of Augustus. It is in the best condition of any of the remaining Roman arenas and they still use it for concerts, etc. Click on the picture to get a closer view.