Gary and Pam Willson's Alaskan Cruise

May 22, 2005 - May 29, 2005

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Our next to last stop was at Ketchikan. This town, like Juneau and Sitka, can only be reached by boat or air (or as they say, by birth canal). This is a picture of Creek Street. It used to be the red light district during Alaska's wilder days. It now contains restaurants, gift shops, etc.


Our shore excursion in Ketchikan was a walk through a rain forest. Our guide told us that the climate in Ketchikan is a temperate, Mediterrainean climate. She said it rains most of the time, and that we were fortunate to have a nice partly cloudy day. The highlight of the tour was seeing this black bear, recently awake from hibernation.


Alaska is totem pole country and we saw several, some dating back to the 1800's. I am not sure how old this one is.


Our last port of call was Victoria, B.C., Canada. Our shore excursion was to the world famous Butchart Gardens. The gardens were build around the turn of the 20th century. It was the site of a limestone quarry (for making cement). After the quarry had run it's course, the owner's wife turned it into a garden. Today, there are hundreds of gardeners taking care of the grounds.


There are many different "gardens" at Butchard Gardens. There are Japanese gardens, sunken garden, rose gardens, etc. Also, there are many fountains, archways, etc.


An archway at Butchart Gardens.


Sunset at Butchart Gardens

I hope you have enjoyed our pictures of

our cruise to Alaska.


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